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Prague Vegan Shopping Guide – Vegan Groceries, Clothing, Shoes and more!

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Where to buy vegan stuff in Prague

It’s no secret that Prague is a paradise for vegans when it comes to eating out. Vegans can feast on almost anything their heart desires, including killer vegan desserts. But what about vegan shopping? Where does one buy vegan food in Prague? What about vegan shoes, vegan clothes, and vegan hygiene products in Prague?

Where does one go for vegan groceries, home supplies, clothing and shoes, B12, vegan condoms, and vegan menstrual products? Turns out there are plenty of places to get vegan products in Prague.

Before we dive in…here are a few other articles about the vegan scene in Prague and the Czech Republic:

Also, here is a bit of info about popular vegan groceries in Prague and the Czech Republic.

  • Nutritional Yeast is called: Lahůdkové droždí
  • Vital Wheat Gluten is called: Aktivní Lepek, Pšeničný Lepek or Sušený Seitan
  • Tofu is: the same as in English
  • Tempeh is: the same as in English
  • Seitan is: the same as in English
  • Robi which is similar to Seitan. It’s wheat protein mixed with beetroot and spices. It’s delicious, try it.

If you’re reading ingredient labels I suggest using the Google Translate app’s camera function to translate it for you. However, here are few Czech words to look out for.

  • Eggs – vejce
  • Milk – mléko
  • Butter – máslo
  • Honey – Med
  • Yogurt – jogurt
  • Cheese – sýr
  • Casein – Kasein
  • Lactose – laktózu
  • Geletin – želatinu
  • Lard – sádlo
  • Whey – syrovátku

And this is how you say “I am Vegan” in Czech – “Jsem Vegan”. However, don’t be surprised if a waiter or waitress looks at you like you have a horn on your head if you say this to them. Many Czech people, especially outside of Prague, have no idea what it means to be vegan, and even if they have heard the word before they very well may have misconceptions about what it means.

Here are some of the best places to buy vegan products in Prague.

Bezobalu – Zero Waste Shopping in Prague!

Bezobalu Zero Waste Shop in Prague

Bezobalu means “without container” and may come as no surprise that it’s a zero waste grocery store. It has loads of nuts, grains, oils, spices, dried fruits, nutritional yeast, and coffee for sale. They also have a lot of zero waste personal care products, household items, and containers.

vegan groceries from bezobalu in prague

What I LOVE about this shop, aside from the fact that it’s zero waste, is that they have homemade tofu and tempeh in several different varieties (seen above). You can bring your own containers/bags or either buy new ones from the store or use one of the many previously used glass jars that are free to take. There are three locations around Prague.

World Vegan – Vegan Grocery Store in Prague

World Vegan carries vegan groceries and housing supplies like nut butters, vegan butter, spices, vegan ice cream, vegan chocolates, frozen pizza, pates, “meats”, “cheese”, pastries, nutritional yeast, pita bread (the best in Prague), canned whipped cream, toiletries, vegan condoms, vegan vitamins, cleaning supplies, and chapstick.

Puro Shop – Vegan Grocery Store in Prague

Puro Shop carries the Veganz brand of products plus frozen burger and chicken patties, other frozen and fresh vegan meats, vegan Cheese, vegan ice cream, vegan butter, nutritional yeast, Clif bars, vegan chocolate, and vegan sandwich meat. Additionally, the shop has vegan vitamins and other supplements.

Albert Grocery Stores

Albert is a Dutch chain of regular grocery stores with shops dotted all over Prague. Recently the chain has bulked up their vegan section. You can get tofu, tempeh, robi, soy hot dogs, two different vegan cheese brands (one being Violife), vegan yogurt, puddings, nutritional cheese, hummus, a variety of plant milks, and vegan packaged breads. Additionally, Albert carries vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the vegan Magnum bars.

Iceland Supermarket

Iceland Supermarkets are vegan frozen food paradises. If you’re looking for vegan food that’s ready to go straight from your freezer, to the oven, to your mouth, then Iceland is where it’s at. Think vegan burger patties, spring rolls, onion rings, “meat” balls and more.

Iceland is an excellent option for vegans who aren’t really into cooking and are on a budget.

EkObchod – Vegan Grocery and Household Supplies Shop

ekObchod Vegan Shop in Zizkov Prague

EkObchod is a little vegan shop located in lower Zizkov. It has a variety of vegan products including vegan groceries including vegan deli meat, vegan fish, vegan burgers, frozen pizzas, vegan ice creams, cookies, and chocolates.

Additionally, the shop has some zero waste products and containers, vegan soaps, toothpaste, diapers, menstrual cups, and vegan condoms. It’s the perfect addition to Zizkov!


GoFresh is a health food store that carries a variety of vegan groceries. Items include tofu, vegan mayo, dry pantry items, fresh breads, pates, and organic fresh fruits and vegetables. They also have a variety of vegan personal care products.

Rohlik – Only Grocery Delivery Company

Rohlik is an online grocery delivery service with loads of vegan products on their site. There is a special nutrition section or you can choose to filter almost any of the sections to show only vegan options. Just double check the ingredients for products because their system is not 100% accurate. Rholik is currently the only place to buy Beyond Meat products, including burgers and hot dogs.

The site is only offered in Czech but with the Google translate extension on Chrome you can manage pretty easily.

Shin Food – Asian Grocery Store

Shin Food is an Asian grocery store with a plethora of products including soy sauce, homemade Tofu, jackfruit in Brine, peanut butter, frozen dumplings, curry paste, rice, and all sorts of other Asian cooking supplies.

Country Life Health Food Stores

Country Life shops carry vegan groceries like nut butters, vegan butter, vegan meats, vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, nutritional yeast (lahudkove drozdi in Czech), corn kernels to make popcorn, energy bars, pates, grains, flours, and crackers. They also carry tofu and tempeh and a few freshly baked sweets and breads.

BiOOO Vegan Household and Personal Care Shop

Where to buy a Menstruation Cup in Prague

BiOOO sells vegan shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetic brushes, chapstick, make-up, supplements, sunscreen, and other personal care items. They also sell a variety of menstrual cups and re-usable cloth pads, as well as vegan condoms.

If you’re curious, click here to find out why tampons aren’t vegan.

DM (drogerie markt) – Vegan Groceries and Personal Care Products

where to buy vegan condoms in prague

DM is a German drogerie chain that happens to sell a lot of vegan products including groceries like tofu, pates, vegan Nutella, crackers, sauces, and spreads. They also have their own brand of vegan body care line of soaps, face and body creams, sunscreen, shampoos, and make-up called Alverde.

Additionally, DM carries menstrual cups, vegan condoms (Durex Real Feel), and B12 vitamins.

The Body Shop – Vegan Personal Care Products

The Body Shop’s products are all certified cruelty free but some items do contain animal products. Be sure to look out for things like milk or honey in their products. Usually if a product is vegan, it will be marked accordingly.


NILA is a boutique shop with beautiful clothes, jewelry, accessories, personal products, and house products. The shop carries vegan products like clothing, bags, wallets, lotions, and more from brands like Matt & Nat, People Tree, YOPE, Veja, Birkenstocks, Swedish Stockings, and ArmedAngels. NILA also carries zero waste products like produce bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, and more.

Pour Pour

Pour Pour is a women’s clothing store that carries vegan and ethical/sustainable brands like RagWear, MumRay, and Skunkfunk. The shop also carries beautiful jewelry, vegan purses and bags, and vegan candles. Not everything is vegan so be sure to check the labels or ask the owner for more information.

Etik Butik – All Vegan Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

where to buy vegan shoes in prague

Etik Butik is a totally vegan boutique store that carries NAE and Wills of Vegan shoes as well as ethical vegan clothing, accessories, and body products.

HolyCow.cz – Online Vegan Shoe Store

HolyCow.cz is an online vegan boutique shop that sells shoes, wallets, and belts. The carry a variety of brans including Will’s Vegan Shoes.

Bohempia – Hemp Shoes

Bohempia is a Czech brand that produce handmade shoes and streetwear made with hemp material.

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This is by no means an extensive list of places to get vegan items in Prague, and I’ll be adding to the list as I discover new shops.

If you have tips on where to buy vegan products in Prague, please leave a comment below with the name of the shop and what they carry, and I’ll add it to the list!

The Best Vegan Friendly Hotel in Prague

vegan friendly hostel in Prague

Sophie’s Hostel in Prague is a great choice for vegan travelers. This lovely hostel is located about 10 minutes from the city center, has 14 dorm rooms, 6 private rooms, a small garden, and an onsite cafe and bar. The best part of staying at Sophie’s Hostel is their massive brunch. Just let them know you’re vegan and they’ll do everything they can to accommodate you, including prepare soy milk porridge, and hot roasted veggies. Their friendly wait staff will be happy to walk you through the entire buffet to point out the vegan options. Not sure about the bread? Just ask, they’ll be happy to let you know what’s vegan and what’s not.

Sophie’s Hostel also has a beautiful small 16 room boutique hotel called Miss Sophie’s that’s located directly across the street in case you fancy more, err fancy accommodations.

For more info, or independent reviews of Sophie’s Hostel click here.

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  2. This is such great info! You seem to have a lot of articles on Prague – I’m curious, do you live there?

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      Hey Jen, thanks for the kind words. 🙂 Yes, Prague is my base. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    About Bodyshop… it’s vegetarian not vegan. And the company is owned by L’Oréal which is DEFINITELY not vegetarian nor vegan.

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  4. Nice article! Honey means Miláček (person you love), but you definitely mean Med (syrup produced by bees). Try other zero waste store Nebaleno (2 stores and eshop with delivery). Also similar delivery company as Rohlik.cz is Kosik.cz.

  5. Hi, is it possible to find oat milk, Oatly or other brands, in supermarkets? I’m visiting Prague for a few days, cannot tell you how helpful your log has been

  6. Hi, is it possible to find oat milk, Oatly or other brands, in supermarkets? I’m visiting Prague for a few days, cannot tell you how helpful your blog has been

    1. Author

      Hey Nel, so happy to hear my site has been helpful to you! 🙂
      You can get plant milk (rice, soy, almond, and sometimes oat) at any of the supermarkets and most potraviny shops (convenience stores/bodegas) but not Oatly. However, Puro Shop does carry Oatly. I can’t remember if Word Vegan does…sorry I don’t buy much plant milk since I don’t really use it often. Hope you have a great time in Prague!

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