Vegan Delight Spotlight: Polish Pierogi

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Discovering delicious vegan dishes around the world is one of my favorite things about travel.  Sometimes they are accidentally vegan and sometimes they are veganized versions of a traditional dish.  Regardless it’s always a treat to taste a bit of local flavor that tantalizes my taste buds.

This dish is one that is sometimes made accidentally vegan. One I quickly became addicted to and ate almost every day when we were in Poland.

Vegan Delight Spotlight: Polish Pierogi

I’ll admit it, when we were planning to head to Poland last summer I was a little worried that finding vegan food would be difficult. But, as with so many other places we’ve visited, that turned out to be a needless fear.  Not only were there more vegan and vegetarian restaurants than I had time to try, there were even traditional dishes on regular restaurant menus that were accidentally vegan.

The dish I fell in love with the most while traveling through Poland, and ate nearly every day (sometimes twice a day), was the Polish Pierogi.  They’re little half-moon shaped, pockets of tender dough boiled or pan-fried and stuffed with various ingredients.  They come in all varieties but my favorites were stuffed with veggies like cabbage, mushrooms, and spinach, and topped with caramelized garlic and spring onions. As a rule, I always slathered them with as much spicy horseradish as I could get my hands on.  They were so incredibly delicious that just writing about them now is making me seriously consider going back to Poland just to scarf some down!

If you visit Poland, try these, you’ll be hooked!


NOTE: While the Pierogi I had in Poland were vegan, there are some versions that use eggs and/or butter in the dough mix and of course, there are plenty stuffed with meat and cheese.  Just talk to your waitress/waiter before you order them and make sure they are vegan. Don’t speak Polish? Head over to our Top Tips for Vegan Travelers article where you’ll find an app that can help you order vegan food in any language.


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